Role: Writer, Director and Editor

The fiction film The Revolution Of Plastic is a direct polemic concerning the overconsumption of plastic in our everyday lives. This is the story of Leo, a ten year-old girl who rebels against her father Mister Risso, the Manager of Detergents at Willy Supermarket. Leo's hope: save her friends the dolphins from plastic in oceans.

The Revolution Of Plastic won Best Screenplay Award at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute festival in March 2019.


Party Friends / Live, From The End Of The World - MUSIC VIDEO - 2018

Role: Producer, Director and Editor

PARTY FRIENDS plays their last song before the end of planet Earth by an atomic bomb. This tragic-comedy performance of the band reveals a new way to play Rock and Roll.  

The Hopefuls - MOCKUMENTARY - 2017

Role: Writer, Director and Editor
Assistant Director: Cait Carvalho
Director of Photography: Tatiana Stolpovskaya
Sound Operator: Ludovic Debure
Starring: Samantha Farinella, Diego J. Almonte, Taso Zouroudis, Angela Lanaris and Jared Parker Barron

The Hopefuls is a futuristic hybrid documentary about the Youth that finds Hope through House music. The film had been screened at The Inshort Film Festival, Lagos (Nigeria), Evolving Traxs events and The Lee Strasberg Film Festival in New York City (USA) in 2018, UNT Media Arts Festival, Texas (USA), Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami (USA), Dadasheb Phalke International Film Festival Award 2019, Mumbai (India) and Music Shorts Film Festival in Montana (USA).


Bitches - Short film - 2017

Role: Writer, Director and Editor
Assistant Director: Bryanna Anglin
Director of Photography: Tatiana Stolpovskaya
Sound Operator: Harrison Keprack
Starring: Angela Lanaris, Auzelia Lady Peraste and Lanna Leite

Three college girls are having a conversation about the unsaid sexist war between women sexes and how they behave together in society. The film deals with prejudices surrounding womanhood in a philosophic and post-modern way. 

Bitches was part of the August 2017 exhibition "Vita Tua, Vita Mea - Art & Interrelations" during the Biennale of Venice. The film was shown at AFC Global Fest (Calcutta, India), the BMCC Film Festival(New York City, USA) in December 2017, and was semi-finalist at the festival Les Films de la Toile (Paris, FR), in September 2017. 

The Post-Trumpatism - Short film - 2017

Role: Writer, Director and Editor
Director of Photography: Jaqueline Wade and Craig Foisy
Art Director: Josh Eisenberg
Starring: Sasha Altskan and Bryanna Anglin

January 20th, 2021 is a special day for this young couple that realize their fears in one act.

HEGEMONY - Hybrid Doc - 2016

Role: Writer, Director and Editor

In the mood of Nouvelle Vague/French New Wave Cinema, this film relates the thoughts of a French girl living in United-States regarding minorities and social concerns. With cynicism, the concept of the painting delivers a sticking message of fight. 

Lola’s Hope - Documentary - 2016

Role: Director, Shooter and Editor

The documentary is about the young Lola who lives in Queens with her mother Daisy. Hope is the arc of the film.


Role: Editor