Originally from the South of France, I have been a filmmaker in NY since 2015.

. Directing - I am pursuing a career of Film Director in experimental/fiction films. My focus shifted to storytelling through the use of visual metaphors, as well as daring and provocative scenarios dealing with current social and political issues. My influences span French Cinema from the 50’s to current times, the Theatre of the Absurd, and Conceptual Art. My next film, 'The Revolution of Plastic,' will be released in 2019.

. Editing - I am a Freelance Video Editor and looking for a full-time position in the city. I do narratives, music videos, commercials and marketing content. Master in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics.  

. Cinematography - I do work as Videographer and looking for more projects in cinematography. 


If you have any questions or work inquiries, drop me a line at